Tattoo Removal & Correction

This is one mistake that you will no longer have to live with for the rest of your life. Whatever the reason you chose to do it in the first place; we won’t judge you. We will simply apply our expertise and the very latest non-laser techniques to remove every trace of your tattoo or body art.

As with every treatment that we provide at natural beauty enhancement, our first concern is always your wellbeing and ensuring we achieve the right results for you. Therefore, we will always insist on a full medical consultation before beginning any tattoo removal or correction procedures with a new client.

As a fully accredited permanent makeup clinic, we are licensed to use a specially designed inorganic chemical remover (e-raze) developed at the Rejuvi Laboratory, California. This product is applied by the same method as the original tattoo and is designed to completely draw out the tattoo pigment from the skin, leaving it totally cleansed.

Rejuvi tattoo remover can only be applied by an experienced tattoo or micro-pigmentation practitioner and is not suitable for home tattoo removal use. It is not a DIY fade product.

Tattoo Removal Process

Tattoo Removal Process