• What is the difference between Permanent and Semi-Permanent Makeup? (also known as Permanent Cosmetics, Micropigmentation, Cosmetic Tattooing, or Aesthetic Tattooing)

    These terms all effectively refer to the same process; which is best described as “permanent makeup which fades over time”. The procedure involves non-toxic pigments being implanted into the skin’s dermal layer to enhance a person’s appearance, cover scarring, or for a variety of aesthetic corrections. Natural Beauty Enhancement only uses medical grade pigments which meet the most stringent requirements of the European Council ResAP (2003) 2.

  • Is the procedure safe?

    As with any medical procedure there is always the potential for harm if the treatment is not properly applied by a qualified and reputable practitioner. At Natural Beauty Enhancement our primary concern is the wellbeing and the wishes of our clients which is why we always insist that a full consultation is attended before deciding on the right treatment plan.

    All of our practitioners are fully accredited, over and above the UK standards, and the Cosmedic® control system that we use is generally recognised as being among the safest in the world. Each treatment is carried out in a sterilised, clinical environment and ‘single use’ applicators are used in line with European standards. A full aftercare programme accompanies every treatment which includes specially formulated antibiotic creams, as appropriate.

  • Who is Permanent Makeup suitable for?

    Permanent Makeup could potentially be used to enhance the looks or self- confidence of anyone with all skin types or ethnicities, and for any number of reasons:

    • To reduce the need for constantly reapplying makeup for athletes, swimmers or generally busy people
    • To help those who have difficulty applying makeup (partially sighted or physically impaired)
    • To create the illusion of a mini facelift or healthier appearance (as an alternative to Botox or surgery)
    • To provide cosmetic corrections, scar camouflage, or other aesthetic treatments
  • What if I have any medical issues?

    At natural beauty enhancement we carry out a free and comprehensive consultation before beginning any treatments so that we can identify both the results that you are looking to achieve and the most appropriate treatment; but also to check if there are any specific medical issues or allergies to be considered.

  • Does the treatment hurt?

    This is more of a perceived issue than a real one and any discomfort that might occur is managed and minimised by the application of topical anaesthetics, our use of state of the art equipment, and the skill and careful attention of our highly trained consultant practitioners.

  • How long will the treatments last?

    Each individual’s skin type and the various external factors they are subjected to can contribute to the length of time that any Permanent Makeup treatment lasts. Generally speaking, softer neutral enhancements or lighter colours are more likely to be affected by sunlight, swimming and the body’s natural breakdown. Darker colours can remain unaffected for much longer but, again, this is impossible to predict because of the many other external factors which could contribute to fading. These include: smoking, metabolic rates, medications, and lifestyle. Most people would expect to refresh or renew their permanent makeup every 12 to 24 months.

  • What will I look like immediately after my treatment?

    Your enhancements can take 5-10 days for the final result to be apparent, during which time the colour will appear much darker than normal. There is also a small chance, with some skin types, that a slight swelling or redness may occur but this should only last a few days. Any after effects will be significantly reduced if you stick to the aftercare plan that we assign to every client after each treatment.

  • Am I likely to suffer any allergic reactions?

    As with any skin treatment there is a possibility of an allergic reaction, but this is extremely rare with permanent makeup and our comprehensive consultation process invariably highlights any issues that may arise beforehand. This includes a full medical questionnaire and a patch test for the anaesthetics and pigments that we use.

  • Can I continue to wear conventional makeup?

    Yes you can; permanent makeup is designed to enhance your natural features and becomes the new, more beautiful and confident you; the starting point for whatever you plan to achieve each day. If you choose to use conventional makeup to add extra definition for that important meeting, or create an even more stunning and dramatic ‘evening’ look for a special occasion… then you can… you are in control.